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Are you looking for a travel website to submit a guest post? 

These travel guest post sites are perfect places to showcase your writing talent and travel knowledge. Many of them have a mailing list of authors. It might even get you some new business!

There are quite a few low quality but popular sites on the internet. Why would you want to guest post at a low-traffic site when it is easy to post at popular, high quality blog to increase organic traffic? The answer is simple:because every site has a different audience. An established popular blog is more likely to accept a guest blog than a new and lower quality blog.

Do keep in mind that the best blogging sites accept guest posts only once per week. Do not submit many posts in one week because it will be very much in the bin. Write only a few quality guest posts every week because the quality of your work will be better.



Guest posts allow you to share experiences, make a name for yourself, showcase your expertise, help other travelers with advice, get free PR, reach a big audience, and get their feedback. You will receive a mention on a popular blog and a link to your website, blog, or social network.


  •  Write a short bio on yourself and your name. You could also mention why you are guest posting at travel blogger. This will be followed by a few bullet points on the specific topic you are writing about.
  • Follow the guidelines for accepting guest posts at travel blogger. And other travel writers searching for guest authors. Your chances of being a guest blogger are much higher at travel blogger than anywhere else.
  • Do submit guest posts to well established and popular blogs. If you post there, your odds of having your guest post accepted are very good. The same goes for any other popular or well established blog. The first two sites mentioned above are both well established and have large base of readers.
  • Submit guest posts to sites that do not have a proper guidelines page. The best travel blogs accept only quality content. Your article will most likely decline if they do not see the rules in the author’s bio box.
  • Include keyword’s that are frequently in searches and that will also help for search engine optimization. The best travel sites on the internet are generally well searched and are visited by many. And they will more than likely find your keywords and your blog’s name in the titles of your articles.
  • Post articles to sites that are ranked highly in search engines like google. Having too many backlinks from websites that are not related will negatively affect your SERPS.


# Independent travel :

Any geography, tell what country you visited, how you got there, where you spent the night, how much the trip cost, where you ate, what you advise to try, what sights you visited and what you liked the most and why, what you did not like in the country, how safe is the country to travel, etc. 

# Road trips and itineraries :

Practical posts how to get a visa to a country X, how to rent an apartment in a country X or a city X, how to pack for  X, when is better to go to  X, how to save money in  X, how much does it cost to travel to X 

# Travelling with children :

  • Unusual places AND UNIQUE attractions
  • Alternative travel
  • Volunteer experience
  • Teaching languages abroad
  • Moving to a new country
  • Remote work and digital nomadism
  • Eco-tourism
  • Travel trends
  • Culture
  • Food 
  • Customs and traditions
  • Festivals and holidays
  • Transformational tourism


Focus more on improving your guest posts. Your chances of achieving the Alexa rank will improve naturally. Always remember to insert your URL address in every contents. This will provide your readers with directions to get more information about your writing topic. These tips will allow you to for Content writing that will be considered by the best travel blogs on the internet. 


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